Jesi Yost, 2020

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Corvus Heller is graduating high school and wants to attend Middenburg University. He’s concerned about the cost to attend, so he’s hesitant to commit to the decision. James Raven is an upper-echelon football recruit who will be playing at Middenburg. Pete Crayton, Corvus’s uncle, is a big shot Division I college football coach. He happens to work at Indiana Central University -Middenburg’s biggest rival. He’s on the hot seat after having a few tough seasons. Uncle Pete concocts a scheme that might save his job, but he needs Corvus’s help. Corvus stands to earn a significant sum of money if he participates, but he will have to challenge some of his own morals and values to do so. This coming-of-age story delves into topics like gambling, corruption in college sports, the remnants of institutional racism, and the tension of being a student and an athlete.

“Leach has a knack for painting pictures with words that put the reader right in the situation of the characters. A few twists and turns along the way. Anyone in college, or who has been to college, will likely relate well to the content. Easy and enjoyable read.”

– BLH, Amazon Review

“Once I picked this one up and started reading, it was tough to put it down. A very relatable story about adolescence, risk-taking, our journey to understand who we are, influential people in our lives & tough decisions. The story was crafted in a way that maintained suspense from start to finish and kept me wanting more.”

– Jeff, Amazon Review

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Jesi Yost, 2018

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