Buying Guides

This is a sample of some of my professional work creating buying guides for my employers. Read the summaries below and click the links to see the guides where they are posted online. Please be aware that I am only claiming credit for the written copy on any pages outside of this website. Design work, photography, and coding was done by colleagues as part of a collaborative effort.

Beer Glass Buying Guide


This buying guide includes information about different beer glasses and which are appropriate to use for serving, depending on the type of beer chosen. Topics include: pint glasses, mugs, steins, growlers, sampler glasses, stemware, belgian tulip glasses, specialty glasses, why there is head on a beer, and beer ingredients. Published in June 2012.

Face Shape Guide to Choosing a Hat

faceA tool for customers to use while shopping, this guide breaks down face shapes so people can choose hats that work best with their look. This is important in an online environment where shoppers are not able to try on the hats. Topics include: face shapes, celebrity face shapes, and hat styles. Published 2013 on